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Makeup Beauty Lounge


Learn Tips, Trends & Techniques to Perfect Your Makeup

Professional Makeup Artist, Kim Evans

3 Makeup Options For

Elegant Flawless Makeup

For The Bride

Need an On-location Makeup Artist for Your Wedding or Special Event?

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Elite Program

Makeup E-Courses For

Licensed Professionals

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Beautiful You Program

Makeup E-Courses For


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Introducing "2GORJIS" Makeup Lounge

Now You Can Look Amazing From Anywhere, Anytime

Online E-Courses & Videos

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 2GORJIS Makeup E-Courses

For Flawless Beauty Anytime, Anywhere



Kim Evans

Makeup Artist for 2GORJIS Makeup & Owner 2GORJIS Wellness

Celebrating 20 Plus Years

As On-Location Professional Makeup Artist  & Esty

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area


Look Amazing, Feel Fabulous & Live Well

10 Make-up Secrets To Make

Your Eyes & Face Flawless

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10 Skin Secrets

For  a Radiant & Younger-Looking Skin

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