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Welcome Lady Boss Entrepreneurs to

Unstoppable Business & Transformative Coaching

For Success and  Opulent Living with Kim Evans


I am Kim Evans; Business Owner, Speaker, Beauty Expert, Lifestyle & Biz Coach and

I work with Women Entrepreneurs.


I help Women transform their Inner Beauty, Master Mindset in their Health and Business by Integrating simple strategies with Clean Nutrition and Diet & how to Live Abundantly."


I work with  women suffering overwhelm, balance and stress gain clarity, transform their health, renew their energy with more joy and passion. And after serving 21 years in the Spa industry; owner of 2Gorjis Spa, I help women to look super sexy and feel amazing and fabulous too! Kim Evans



The Power of Self-Care & Wealthy Mindset



Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.”

- Marianne Williamson

Are you sick of self-sabotaging or being stuck?"

You may be a successful professional woman or entrepreneur who truly makes a difference in this world. Yet, you hide from the camera and avoid speaking engagements like the plague because of your self-sabotaging thoughts and fear of judgment. I bet you’ve also mastered caring for others and forgot about caring for yourself.

Well, it’s time to step out of the shadows and into the light! Release the lies and see yourself through the eyes of divine love and truth. It’s time to reconnect, restore and revitalize the power of your spirit and feminine presence so you can be more magnetic, make more money and live out your purpose with beauty, courage and confidence.

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Schedule your Complimentary 30 Minute Discovery Call

Start by scheduling your complimentary 30 Minute Discovery Call today to see if my VIP Success, Personal Development, Health & Wellness Coaching Programs are right for you. If your are willing to put in the work, make a change, please schedule a call if you’re really ready to invest in yourself. Otherwise, email me with any inquiries.  

Welcome to our Platinum Coaching Packages

We Offer Virtual 1:1 Coaching From Anywhere with Kim


Select VIP DAY Intensive, 8 Weeks, 6 or 11 Month Business Coaching  or Health & Lifestyle Wellness Coaching Track Program Option.


What is coaching?

"A method of directing, instructing and training a person or group of people, with the aim to achieve some goal or develop specific skills."


What are the Benefits of Coaching?

The benefits of coaching is that the individual will be able to improve their work performance and skill set by receiving one-on-one training to develop career prospects, overcome blocks that may be hindering them from reaching health goals, identify triggers which keep you from moving forward. Coaching furthers deepens your personal development, inner growth by which this process helps you to see your way clear, find your own answers to problems. Coaching furthers self enlightenment and self awakening.


Coaching Deliverables: Coaching can be received in many ways: 1:1, in person, in group sessions, in an office, at work, online, and now welcome Virtual Coaching.  At 2GORJIS Wellness, we offer 1:1 Intensive Virtual Coaching Programs and various online E-learning, in areas of; Beauty, Wealth Building, Mindset, Online Business Building, Health & Lifestyle Wellness.


Welcome to the new world and online space of Virtual Health & Wellness Coaching. Now you can have your own personal health coach to help guide you to your next level of health success anytime from anywhere. Explore our package options below and I look so forward to co- creating with your new Blueprint GPS System for your Health & Wellness success.



Change Your Health, Changes Your Business, Changes Your Life & Relationships! Welcome to Great Health & Abundant Living

Awaken you Inner Beauty~

Our Programs

 Want a Break through Total Transformation?

 1 Day "2GORJIS VIP" Coaching Immersion Intensive with Kim Evans, MA


  • You will receive 5 hours of in person fearless coaching in one day. 

  • Your session can be done in person, skype or via phone. 

  • Coaching session can be done anywhere in the world

  • A pre-session is included so that we can get the most our of your time.

  • Select your purchase plan option below and let's get started!  

  • Location will be Napa, San Francisco or East Bay

  • Skype call is available.

  • Optional locations are available.

  • All coaching plans are final sale.


  Vibrantly Healthy & Happy,  

  See you on the other Side, Kim



    Transformative Coaching with Kim Evans, MA


    8 Week Intensive Elite Coaching Program  

    Let's get started! Our Best Program Offer



   Here's What You Will Receive Working with Kim,

  • You will receive 8 Weekly Phone Sessions, over a (2) Month period.  

  • Includes Action Plan 

  • Weekly Accountability

  • Coaching Sessions are 45 Minutes done from anywhere. 

  • Access to online E-Courses

  • Bonus: Receive (1)Zoom 90 Minute Intensive, ($400 Value)

  • Bonus: Unlimited Email Support


   Here's to Great Wealthy Success, Health & Joy!


  See you at the top, Kim


"Rock Star" Platinum Coaching Program  

 6 Months of coaching 


Here's What You Will Receive working with me,

  • You will receive 18 Sessions, over a (6) Month period.  

  • Custom Action Plan

  • You will receive (3) sessions a month and are done via phone or in person. 

  • Access to our online E-Courses.

  • Coaching Sessions are from (30-45), minutes from anywhere. 

  • Bonus: Receive (1) Skype 90 Minute Assessment Intensive, ($400 Value)

  • Bonus: Unlimited Email Support

  • Select your purchase plan option below and let's get started!  

  Much Success, Wealthy, Happiness and Great Joy! 

  See you at the Top, Kim





Business Coaching Private Program:

Elements: We begin with Business Vision, getting a clear understanding of what you want in your business.

  • Element: Who is your ideal client. Knowing your client Avitar

  • Element: What is keeping you stuck. The root cause of the limiting beliefs & emotional blocks.

  • Element: Mindset and limiting beliefs & moving emotional energy blocks 

  • Element: Business Mindset Work - Time to build  a new Subconscious wealth mindset

  • Element: Business New Mindset Beliefs

  • Element: Business Blueprint Engineering & Clarity 

  • Element: How to speak the language that sells to every client.

  • Element: New Blueprint Marketing Plan 

  • Element: Sales Process Action Plan

  • Element: Wellness Action Plan

  • Element: Social Media Action Plan

  • Element: Web Design Action Plan

  • Element: Social Presence & Connection

  • Element: Next Action Steps

  • Element: Review & Process

  • Element: Next Action Steps

  • Element: Putting it all together 

  • All Weekly sessions are custom to fit your specific needs.



11 Month Diamond Coaching Program with Kim

 Special  just for you 



Here's What You Will Receive working with Kim,

  • You will receive 36 Sessions, over a (11) Month period.

  • Action Plan  & Weekly Accountability

  • You will receive (3) sessions a month and are done via phone or Zoom.

  •  Coaching Sessions are from (30-45) done from anywhere.

  • Access to on-line E-Course.

  •  Receive (1) Zoom 90 Minute Assessment Intensive.  

  •  Special Bonus FREE, (1)VIP  Intensive Session with Me, ($2500 Value).

  •   Location of the in person VIP Intensive will be either San Fran, Bay Area or Napa Valley.


 Vibrantly Healthy & Happy,

 See you on the other Side, Kim







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Praise from Clients
“Working with Kim Evans, Health Coach has made a difference in my life would be an understatement! She radiates a beauty that goes far beyond inside and out. This beauty emanate’s to anyone and everyone in her presence. Not just through her business does she coach women how to shine and radiate with beauty and happiness, but through her every day life she exemplifies the power of self love and self respect!
"Ms. 2GORJIS” ~ M.B, California

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Welcome to


Radiant Beauty & ABundant Living


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