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Welcome,2GORJIS Makeup Lounge 

Online Makeup E-Courses

Professional Makeup Artist, Kim Evans


 Sexy & Fabulous Makeup

Now there is no excuse to have Flawless Makeup





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The Art of Beauty & Self-Care

Are you tired of feeling like you need a brush up on our makeup techniques and skill set?


ANY of these sound familiar?

Not enough time in the morning.

Getting the kids ready for school

You were never shown makeup because your mother didn't wear it.

Problems with enhancing your eyes.

Your makeup is outdated and you  need a new look. Or, newly single and dating again.


As a Makeup Artist in the Beauty industry for over 20 years, I've seen and heard it all; as to why I became a professional Makeup Artist & Esty to help women solve their makeup concerns.


Now I have put all my years of experience in Makeup Videos and new Makeup Beauty Lounge Online E-Learning anytime from anywhere.



Ladies You Can Relate?

Perhaps... at the end of your day, you ask yourself 


  • Why bother with Makeup?

  • You tell yourself you are aging

  • Remember you deserve to look fabulous

  • Makeup is a form of self-care & wellness


I have a solution that can help to take the mystery out of applying makeup and you can step into the best version of yourself.


Remember at the end of the day, you deserve to look fabulous, healthy and sexy! Always.


2GORJIS 6 Module Makeup Program

for the Professional Busy Professional


 6 Module Series2GORJIS 4 The Consumer

 Online E-Course

Simple Makeup Tips

Video Module 1

Pt. 1

Simple Makeup Tips

Video Module 2

Pt. 2

 6 Module Series2GORJIS 4 The Consumer

  Investment, $99

Simple Day Makeup Tips

Video Module 3

Pt. 3


Simple Smokey Eye Tips

Video Module 4


 6 Module Series2GORJIS 4 The Consumer

  Investment, $99

From Daytime to After 5   Elegant Makeup Tips

Video Module 5


Makeup Removal


Video Module 6

Pt. 6

 6 Module Series2GORJIS 4 The Consumer

  Investment, $99

*Bonus Skin Care 

Tips For Amazing

Healthy Skin

 6 Module Series2GORJIS 4 The Consumer


Bonus Complimenatry Makeup Reveiw Call


 I Love Makeup  

Kim Evans


 Welcome to 2GORJIS Beauty Lounge for the Professional Woman



 What's Inside Beauty Online E-Course

  • Welcome Video: Meet Kim

  • Join today & receive a FREE Makeup Skype Coaching Session ($250 Value).

  • Module 1: Video Simple Makeup Tips Pt 1.

  • Module 2: Video Simple Makeup Tips Pt 2

  • Module 3: Video Simple Daytime Makeup Tips Pt.3

  • Module 4: Video Smokey Eye Look

  • Module 5: Video How to go from (Work to After 5) Makeup

  • Module 6: Video Makeup Removing Techniques

  • Bonus: Video Cleansing Skin Care Techniques 

  • Access to Art of Beauty Face Book Group

  • Access to Makeup Blogs by Kim Evans

  • Total Retail Value over $497, Special Price $99 


How it Works

Enroll by clicking the link. Start watching your videos right away. Schedule your skype call.

I'm proud to present our New 2GORJIS 6-Video Makeup Program series for the Professional Working Woman. All Modules are delivered in a short video (less than 20 minutes each)


Program Investment Cost:

6 Module Program Investment $99.

Includes 1 Bonus Skype Makeup Coaching Call with Kim




Who is this for?

  • Professional Working Women that would like a professional clean & natural makeup look.

  • Women who can only spend 20 minutes less on their makeup.

  • (Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced) makeup consumers; that need some brushing up. 

  • Women who want to look amazing!

  • You are at the right place.



Who it is not for:

  • Women who do not wear makeup.  

  • Women who do not like to wear makeup.

  • Women that do not have the time to enhance their professional look.


Let's Get Started:




 6 Module Series2GORJIS 4 The Consumer

  Investment, $99

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